At Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery we know that your recovery isn’t going to happen overnight. We know it is a process of many small steps taken over a lifetime so your treatment here will be a similar process of many small steps that help you lay a foundation for maintaining the healthy, clean, and productive life you came here looking for.

One of the first steps in finding wellness is to recognize and acknowledge that addiction is a chronic disease that affects all aspects of an individual’s life. We will assist you in finding the clean and clear advantages of living a life of recovery by providing you with an individualized, collaborative treatment plan that will help you develop the healthy, sober life you want. We realize that recovery will be a new way of living and we are here to provide you with the wide range of services you will need to help you establish this new way. The Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery treatment goals and expectations have been created to give our residents every opportunity to learn, grow, change, heal, and develop into the best sober person they can be.

Our caring and compassionate staff will be here to help and encourage you every step of the way!