Professional Staff

Professional Staff

The clinical staff at Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery are well educated and experienced in dependency disorder treatment modalities. Our medical staff also have a wealth of experience in both mental health and dependency disorder care programs.

Professional Staff - Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery

Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery employs master-level therapists, licensed or certified in their fields of study. We also utilize Supportive Counselors to provide additional therapeutic resources and support to our residents. At Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery we believe that there are times that our residents may wish to be mentored by those who have found success in working their own recovery programs, and who are in a stable state of recovery, as we employ Peer Support Specialists who are certified by the state of WV.

The medical staff including physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses on average have twelve years of experience working in the field of substance use disorder. We provide 24-hour care by our licensed nurses who are experienced in withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment, and mental health care. Our physicians and nurse practitioners also have a passion for seeing our residents restored to a stable state of physical and mental health.